8 eyes

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Let’s hope he doesn’t need them for real.

Baby gets a bath

Boys giving Calvin a bath 102
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All hands on deck when baby gets a bath. We have the “bathee”, the “entertainer”, the “washer”, and the “rinser”.


Boys Teepee 021
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Henry got a tepee for his second birthday.  Constructed at Richera, we used branches from a tree recently cut down on the property.

Celebrating Christmas

Christmas 226
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We had our first “home” Christmas with the boys.  Overall, a great, relaxing holiday at home.  

Back from Africa

Kate and I had an amazing trip to Ethiopia and we’re so thankful for those that allowed us to go.  I was a far cry from last year’s inaugural scouting trip.  For one, there were more of us.  Which was good … Continue reading

Ethiopia Letter

9252 Dear friends and family, Kate and I have the opportunity to return to Ethiopia, along with several friends from our church, to again invest in the lives of those living in the tiny rural village of Dubancho…

The Cool Mountain Air

Boy howdy, this summer has been hot.  All the more reason to head back to the mountains of Breckenridge to cool off and have a snowball fight in August. 1205212072120881210012120 You might notice a new addition to the group.  That … Continue reading

Another JoCo Fair

Another year, another bunch of kids getting run over by cattle.  Ain’t country life grand? 11980119851201312017

The Hot Hot South

There was a great migration of Kate’s family flying (mostly) south for the hottest wedding of the year.  Hottest, being a term which can be applied both figuratively and literally to this grand union of  Bo and Anna.  We arrived … Continue reading