Henry got a tepee for his second birthday.  Constructed at Richera, we used branches from a tree recently cut down on the property.

Thanksgiving with the Cooper Clan

We packed up the kids and Aunt Bee and followed Lettie and Chief to KAA Kamps retreat center on Table Rock lake. We had the whole place to ourselves. Thankful for time with extended family and warm weather, we spent most of our time laughing, playing outdoors, and partaking in some friendly competition.


Back from Africa

Kate and I had an amazing trip to Ethiopia and we’re so thankful for those that allowed us to go.  I was a far cry from last year’s inaugural scouting trip.  For one, there were more of us.  Which was good because we crammed a lot of things into a short 10 days in country.  Several nurses and a local doctor put on a free clinic for four days in the villages of Dubancho and Lissana.  While the gals were doing that, four of men held a leadership summit for nearly 200 church leaders in the region.  And again, while the clinic and leadership summit were happening, there was a small group of us at the Dubancho church helping with various construction tasks, namely putting in a concrete floor and building more benches for their newer church building.

There’s obviously more to tell, but for now, here’s some of the photos from the trip (42 of the 600+):






The Cool Mountain Air

Boy howdy, this summer has been hot.  All the more reason to head back to the mountains of Breckenridge to cool off and have a snowball fight in August.


You might notice a new addition to the group.  That would be Abby’s super-special friend, Micah.


Yes the Blue River was cold, but ooooh so worth it.


Here Micah and Blake are making funny faces.


A brief but fun trek to one of my favorite little hiking spots in the world.


Another JoCo Fair

Another year, another bunch of kids getting run over by cattle.  Ain’t country life grand?


The Hot Hot South

There was a great migration of Kate’s family flying (mostly) south for the hottest wedding of the year.  Hottest, being a term which can be applied both figuratively and literally to this grand union of  Bo and Anna.  We arrived in New Orleans for a couple days of family vacation, allowing us to take it easy and somewhat acclimate to the heat of Louisiana in July. Turns out it wasn’t enough time. I think I lost several pounds due to sweat, only to regain it back from over-consumption of several sumptuous southern delicacies.

The ceremony took place on a small plantation north of Baton Rouge.  The setting idyllic and, though hotter than a june bug on a crawfish grill, we all had a great time.  Blake especially.  This was his first time cast as a ring-bearer and he did very well (likely a result from the constant practicing in the hotel that weekend).  He had a blast riding every escalator in sight, flying in the airplane (though he’s done it several times in the past… he just doesn’t remember), eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde, swimming int the hotel pool over and over again, and dancing to the countless bands and musicians around the French Quarter.  A hot time indeed.